imageIn a reply to Thibault, Colin had written:

It may surprise you to know that I too am still sceptical about the TS image being a scorch – but not enough to embrace any kind of radiation model (so what does that leave – discounting Maillard?) .

Those words rolled around gently in the back of my mind, almost lost to a storm swirl of highly charged  comments. Now I want to think about it.

“. . . what does that leave . . .” ?

I don’t think we have exhausted the scorch idea. Colin’s LOTTO idea has yet to be explored. And there are probably other scorching methods not yet thought of. The natural-by-chemical-reaction, ala Maillard, is possibly still a wide open field. Radiation models will continue. I think most people think about this in terms of some form of energy caused by the resurrection although more natural triggering events such as earthquakes have been proposed.

In 2005, Nathan Wilson proposed the Shadow Shroud method (pictured). It was, if nothing else, ingenious:

. . . no one has been able to explain how a photonegative image of a man could be three-dimensionally encrypted onto linen by medieval forgers unable even to appreciate the completeness of their own art. The Shadow Theory postulates that such an image could be created using only painted glass and sunlight.

So what else have we not thought of. Louis did you just write, “Kelly, do you think bilirubin can form images of a human body?”  Seriously?

I still say: None of the above.