Vinny: The mystery of the Shroud of Turin has been solved

can anyone tell me what the digital DNA video is about?

imageHe has been bugging me for months to feature his material. I have asked him a couple of questions. I do that sometimes. I certainly don’t post every shroud-related video or blog posting that comes along.

I did feature him in 2011. In May of this year I posted The Worldwide Conspiracy to Ignore Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello. He is bugging me again, almost daily. So with no consideration to anyone here, I give you Vinny:

One recent message encouraging me to feature his website reads:

. . . You guys are the old crowd and the sooner you fade away from the Shroud the better for us all. I represent the new breed of researchers and my day is patiently coming. Ps your site Dan has turned into rotten tabloid journalism, anymore Hollywood movies to promote or disgraceful cheap books Dan, I once respected your site but now more and more I am seeing all these anti Shroud books and movies your promoting but your an Episcoplian arent you and I am not impressed with some of them as in your country they set up in my opinion fake Christian churches and marry gays. Print this but I think you may be a coward.

And another one read:

This is good though you probably hate me Dan ” How God Made The Shroud of Turin ” go on Dan it must be a slow day here I’m sure your fans will love ripping it to shreds and you too.

Oh, go ahead. It is only 27 seconds long. No there is nothing wrong with the sound on your PC. This is a silent film. I think it is supposed to be self explanatory. How could anyone rip this apart?

Anyway, here is his website where he tells us:

I am honored to be the first person in history to have discovered and revealed the actual miraculous and unexplainable images of Jesus Christ ALIVE in the Vatican Veronica Veil and the” second face “from the Shroud of Turin back. Have been involved in experimental research of film and video images since 1987 and have gained a vast amount of knowledge and expertise.

The mystery of the Shroud of Turin has been solved by my decoding of the Vatican Veronica Veil in 2011…it is the same man and face. . . .

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  1. The digital dna clip should be seen in youtube as it does not play here Dan has just got a photo of it with the centre obscured. Its an image that I discovered and it does exist. Taken from the blood stain of the foot. Using Angular Filming it was then placed in a digital microscope at as I remember back in 2009 at 5000 times magnification.

  2. Disappointing boys,the cat cut your toungues,Angular Filming has been provan from my web site clip of the Hologram appearing from the Shroud face and the Vatican Veronica without reversal of left to right. If any of you have blood in your faces ADMIT that I have solved the mystery by the identical face and injury markings from the decoded Vatican Veronica which appeared hundreds of years in Rome before the Shroud of Turin. Lastly I have revealed the worlds first true Holograms of the Shroud face without any CGI programmes creating unrealistic images of the Shroud face. I’m waiting

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