A reader writes:

I just noticed that Robert K. Wilcox has released a revised edition of “THE TRUTH ABOUT THE SHROUD OF TURIN”. What is new or different from the 2010 edition?

imageI don’t know. The 2010 book was certainly a major revision to the 1977 book by Wilcox (pictured here from his author page at Amazon). Is this a major revision? It doesn’t look like it. Maybe there is a clue in these sentences from the Preface:

And now we even have a probable link between the shroud and the Knights Templar, which fills in the most important blank in the history of the shroud. All these discoveries, and more, as well as the 2010 rare public exposition of the linen, prompted me to renew my investigation and write the book you have before you.

What I noticed is that the book is now available in audio form read by a professional narrator, Jeremy Edwin Gage. It runs 7 hours and 22 minutes. I’ve become a big fan of audible books, mostly history. I listen to them on my iPhone while walking the dog each day,

I’ll download it. Maybe I’ll hear what is different from when I read the book about three years ago.

I just noticed, Wilcox has five different books in Audible.com. And they are history, like Target Patton. Hmm.