imageFrancis DeStefano has installed a 309 page paper, of sorts, at entitled “Public Exhibit Devoted to the Holy Shroud of Turin for Manhattan, New York – Version 2.8a: Evidence of the Existence of Jesus of Nazareth and the Holy Shroud before 1349: Personal Effects of the House of David.”

Think of walking through a museum looking at some 309 posters.  Is Manhattan big enough for this? The exhibit is mostly pictures, which is fine.

You can look at it now. It seems to to overwhelm’s web servers (or my internet connection) so I found it easier to download the entire pdf file and look at it offline. The paper is mostly pictures; many I had never seen before.

You might also want to start at about page 60 unless you want to know about the birth and life of Jesus. Then after page 174 the storyline drifts but eventually returns to the shroud with an account of the Image of Edessa and some great photographs of coins bearing shroud-inspired images of Christ.

Why Manhattan? Why not just online but not as a pdf file?