imageI guess Hank Campbell, author of the book, Science Left Behind, doesn’t think much about shroud science. In his blog, Science 2.0, he writes:

One writer at The Guardian says Discovery Channel is sinking to tabloid status because of this year’s "Shark Week".

Where has he been?  Did he not see "The Lost Tomb Of Jesus" and those ghost hunter shows and everything featuring Zahi Hawass and that thing about ghosts invading Britain and the shows on Bigfoot and a whole catalog about the Shroud of Turin? Discovery Channel went into tabloid status long ago, right along with National Geographic and the Science Channel and its version of "Pawn Stars", which centers on an antique store for weird science stuff. I get emails from every one of those companies three time per week peddling this stuff and it doesn’t bother me.

It bothers me when Real Face of Jesus is sandwiched between Ice Road Truckers and Cajun Pawn Stars on what is only sometimes the History Channel.