The last time I checked in, The Power of Few staring Christopher Walken, Christian Slater and Anthony Anderson was supposed to be released on DVD in mid-July or thereabouts. I’ve seen nothing and I had set up some Google alerts. Let’s look anyway. There it is on Netflix. And it is on Amazon for $15.78, $17.79 in Blu-Ray and $3.99 for on demand. Now all I need is some time to watch it. I still have the first season of House of Cards loaded up and have not watched a single episode.


Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 3.1 out of 5 audience rating. Steven Cohen at Hi-Def Digest paints a picture of what to expect:

Structured in an episodic multi-perspective narrative, the movie focuses on several different characters throughout the span of roughly the same half hour time period. The intersecting stories include a tale about a young man (Devon Gearhart) desperately trying to get medication for his baby brother, a courier (Q’orianka Kilcher) helping out a potential witness (Jesse Bradford) on the run from a duo of gangsters (Anthony Anderson & Juvenile), government agents (Christian Slater & Nicky Whelan) attempting to thwart a terrorist attack, and two homeless men (Christopher Walken & Jordan Prentice) who elude the police while babbling about cloning Jesus… or something. All these divergent stories eventually culminate in a single violent incident involving a grocery heist, drive by shooting, car crash, and the apparent theft of the legendary Shroud of Turin — but could this tragic outcome somehow be averted?

I guess we could debate the meaning of legendary. Or make some pop corn and sit back.