imageI just learned that Alessandro Piana has updated a paper about the missing years between Constantinople and Lirey. It is a wonderful read for all of us history buffs. I’ve been inclined towards this theory for and explanation of the missing years for a long time.

This paper was originally part of the proceeding for the Valencia Congress on the Shroud in April of 2012),

Author: Alessandro Piana

Title and Link: Othon de La Roche, Geoffroi I de Charny and the “Missing Years” of the Holy Shroud


The Holy Shroud disappears from Constantinople during the Crusade in 1204. Twoelements confirms the presence of the Shroud in Athens since 1205 when, after the splittingup of the Byzantine Empire, Othon de La Roche, baron of Ray-sur-Saône, became Lord of  Athens. Many tracks suggest that, after 1225, Othon came back in France with the Shroud. After his death, in 1234, the Shroud remain in Ray-sur-Saône family hands until Itshanding over to the de Vergy family. Thanks to Jeanne de Vergy, related in the fifthgeneration with Othon, the Shroud would have been shown in public in Lire