Barrie Schwortz writes

imageJust a short note to let you know that a huge new update to is now online. Just go to to our Home Page and click on the June 3, 2013 Latest Update link to see the details.

This update proudly includes the next five issues of Shroud Spectrum International, bringing to nine the number of issues now available on the site. It also includes a selection of recently published papers, an article taking you behind the scenes of a new Smithsonian Channel Shroud documentary, an article about the Annual Feast of the Holy Shroud and how it was celebrated this year in Portugal and Italy and an inside look at the recent TEDx ViadellaConciliazione conference held in the Vatican. There are also several illustrated features, including one about the Shroud of Rabat, Malta and another about a new Shroud exhibit in Panama.

And that is just a partial list! So check it out when you have a minute. Wait. Make that an hour! We think you will find a lot of useful information that will keep you busy for some time to come. Enjoy! . . .