The Shroud of Turin Exhibit & Museum in Alamogordo

A couple of RVers blogging their way from Ontario to Florida to New Mexico stop by The Shroud of Turin Exhibit & Museum.

clip_image001When Roy and I discovered this museum in Alamogordo, we were hesitant to go to it, but we are so glad we did! The presentation and displays were excellent! We learned a lot!

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With equipment designed to detect dimension, they learned that the shroud projects a 3 dimensional image! They don’t know why! The photograph of the shroud projects a 3D image on the monitor, and will also do it with your cell phone! A reverse black/white negative of the shroud will also project a 3D image! Other types of photos do not project a 3D image!

Nice review!  And from this blog two years ago:

imageWow! Go check out SEAM Home Page

Group tours in English. To schedule tours in German & Spanish, contact Events or call (575) 415-5206 (corrected).

Presentations at Your Location
Deacon Pete Schumacher, 1972 VP8 Production Engineer, is available to conduct . . .

About Us
Free Turin Shroud interactive exhibit at White Sands Mall, 3199 N White Sands Blvd, Suite D1, Alamogordo, NM, 88310. We offer a backlit, full-sized picture, the only interactive VP-8 Image Analyzer* 3D experience, NM Shroud research, etc. Our goal is make Turin Shroud available to all including the vision impaired.

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  1. Please note our phone number has changed to 575-415-5206. Thank you for your blog and for stopping by the exhibit. While the phone cameras do demonstrate the photonegative properties discovered by Secundo Pia in 1898, they are not 3D. The 3D is shown on the green-screen connected to the VP-8 Analyzer and in the works by Dr. Soons as well as the cardboard model images, re, Jackson and Jumper’s work. Thank you again for letting others know about the Shroud exhibit and museum. – – –

  2. The 3D characteristic of the Shroud includes the entire front and back of the body image. This first allows us to recreate the exact manner of how the body was laying at the time the image was formed. The Vatican exhibit contains such a “statue” in repose and the knees and head are tilted up. Forensics tell us that any such body is in rigor mortis. We also know that rigor mortis relaxes after a max of 48 hours. Thus, the 3D characteristic of the Shroud image establishes that the image was formed in the first 48 hours after death. In other words, we are given a timeline for image formation by the 3D characteristic. Also interesting to note that if the person forming the image died at about 3 PM on Friday it was about 40 hours until dawn on Sunday – well within the 48 hour limit. Could this be the purpose of the 3D?? Very interesting!!

  3. Dan ~ Would you please update the phone number in your re-posting from (575) 446-2113 to (575) 415-5206? Thanks if you’d be so kind. That old number no longer is being used and has been turned off. That’s what Pete was requesting above.

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