The Worldwide Conspiracy to Ignore Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello

imageVincenzo Giovanni Ruello (aka Vinny Pop) writes to me frequently, usually by trying to add irrelevant comments on this site. He has, as he puts it, developed a new scientific method which enables him to see all manner of things: Jesus with open eyes, or Jesus with missing toes, etc. etc. etc. He then posts videos on YouTube that are supposed to show what he sees. Back in 2011, I posted some material about his claims but stopped doing so because I found that it contributed nothing to the discussion here (search Vinny in the blog’s search box). Moreover, I didn’t want to post anything more that I felt was potentially embarrassing to him. But today, at his insistence, I am posting a comment from him and below it something from a single-posting blog he recently created. He writes:

I have revealed the signature of Jesus Christ ,the face of a lion, a holograph from the second face back which has undergone a second stage processing.

I hope you show this as a special separate feature, if not it means you have no conscience at all

sincerely Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello

Okay, Vincenzo, I have a conscience. Thanks for unburdening me. Is it true, as I understand it, that your secret method is filming a severely tilted LCD screen with a digital camera? Why is it that I can’t see any of the things you see? How can what you see and others not see be proof of anything?

Vinny, does the following from you shed any light on the problem? It is from your new blog, Second Face Shroud Turin Decoded Revealed:

In 2011 the experimental film scientist Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello processed the relic known as the Vatican Veronica Veil using AFM, Angular Filming Magnification a process he developed in 2009, an advanced form of negative film processing. What he revealed is startling.

[ . . . ]

Well known Shroud experts who have seen the image have attempted to slow down the awareness campaign commenced by Ruello using tactics of ridicule because unlike them Ruello is an amateur experimental film maker not qualified. Peer review journals have refused to publish his findings on the Veronica for this very reason but Ruello has relentlessly distributed videos and photographs world wide. In April 2013 Ruello used the same filming tecnique to process the ”second face” originaly discovered in 2002 during the restoration by Fanti and Maggiolo. It appears on the back of the Shroud as red marks stains, very faint which are thought by many to be spill over leakage from the front. On processing the ”second face” Ruello revealed an alive Jesus with both His eyes open.

The profound image has left the earlier Shroud experts who discounted his findings on the Vatican Veronica Veil now speechless as the photographic image has been provan to be real, no elements of photoshop or CGI manipulation exist. So we now have the situation where an amateur film scientist has revealed 2 alive faces of Christ from the Vatican Veronica 8th century Rome first appearance and the alive face of Christ on the back of the Shroud of Turin. These Shroud experts are making a lot of money from the mystery they have been selling to the public. Many books are written and the Vatican  does gain immense power and control by not informing the innocent of all the facts.

. . .  But discoveries such as Ruello’s if truly from God cannot be stopped by corrupt soul selling individuals and powers attempting to not tell the world that evidence authenticating the Shroud has been discovered and that physical evidence of the resurrection has been discovered on the back of the Shroud of Turin. Thank God for the internet.

I suspect that I’m thought to be part of the conspiracy to keep the world uninformed about Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello’s work because I block frequent promotional comments of gibberish. Ridicule? That is why I wasn’t posting.

In all fairness I have written to him and asked him to describe Angular Filming Magnification and explain why he thinks he is not generating visual patterns and noise which fuels his imagination. He has never answered.

Okay Vincenzo, you got your wish.

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  1. Angular filming magnification is a simple process which we can begin to understand by this clip showing the front of the Shroud filmed live being tilted back from the lcd screen then before your eyes turning into a positive

    The technique converts negative film to positive and positive to negative when seen by the camera eye lense and even a human eye. In AFM yes there is a distortion rate of about 10% in length and width of created image but there is no visual noise. It is not correct to say I am overlaying images upon each other. The truth is when an image is processed revealing the positive aspects it is photographed or filmed. The second stage uses this image again tilted to an optimum degree to avoid length width distortion and filmed revealing more of the positive nature. A complete processing is difficult in one stage as AFM only works on sections at a time hence 2-4 separate processings. The illumination of the screen is what reveals the hidden elements and 3D hidden characteristics. The process has also been used for many years in astronomical photography, I recently learnt this where they photograph stars and distant bodies from separate angles and compile them to create the image so my filming technique has a foundation. I am the first to use this technique in the second face and all of my Shroud research and for this reason I have found misunderstanding and hostility. The face of the lion cannot be denied nor the alive face of Christ from the back

    1. This is NOT SCIENCE. Seeing things or photographing them by looking at an LCD at an angle is like a mirage, an optical illusion in which light rays are bent to produce a false image. Vinny, you are not seeing Jesus alive or seeing his signature or even really a negative. I’m sorry.

  2. It would help if you could highlight in your video what you say you can see, such as the lions head.

  3. This is a different angle live processing of the lion face. The image was revealed after 2 angles processed from the black and white negative photographed by Fanti. Third stage Angular Filming shows another lion face. Appollogies for using Sally Cooper as this was an annonomous name I was using to avoid hostilities towards myself. I will from now on use my real name in all communications here and elsewhere

  4. Vincenzo, you really are onto something.

    As a cryptologist specialized in archeoperception, in 2004-2005, I recurred myself to almost (negativity + solarisation) the same angular image processing in an attempt to decipher a most intriguing graffito stone playing in the darkness with light coming in from an arrowslit-like vertical aperture in a dungeon). To my utter surprise, amid several hidden faces of Templar prisoners carved in limestone along with initials in gothic script cleverly embedded, I also found pope Clement V’s accurate facial features also with initials merging out into view in the ‘negative blue light’.

    In terms of ‘archaeoparedolia’, the SEMBLANCE OR VISION of the Lion Head is ALSO to be studied in the light of the Book of Revelation (13: 1-10), the Book of Daniel and the Arthurian literature of the middle ages (as the counterpart of Chrétien de Troyes’ Yvain, the Knight with the Lion (Head))…

    I have already deciphered many an apocalyptic, arthurian and graalic ‘semblance and vision’. I do know Dan et al here on this blog give a damn about archaeopareidolia and they are wrong. They just seem to ignore a 21st c. CE business executive’s perception is definitely not that of a Second Temple period priest (John’s) or a medeval poet (Chrétien’s)…

    1. Typo: I do know Dan et al here on this blog DON’T give a damn about archaeopareidolia and they are wrong. First and foremost, the semblances and visions that yield the Turin Shroud image shall be studied in the light of late-antique and medieval literature and art NOT in se. This is still archaeology in terms of cryptocognition/
      crytptoperception as long as it could help solve the enigma of many a late antique and medieval apocalyptic, hagiographic, poetic and liturgical texts and images.

    1. Thankyou Max. Stay tuned here as a clip called The Eyes Of God is about to be downloaded where I have isolated the human face from the lion face

  5. Shall I endlessly repeat, the Turin Shroud image (back and front) “behaves” like an oversized Rorschach… It was used as a visual support for semblances and visions as early as the1st c. CE and as late as the 13-14th c. CE.

  6. The true fact is archaeopareidoliae (in terms of late antique or medieval semblances and visions) are parts and parcels of the Turin Shroud cryptohistory (1st c. – mid-14th c. CE) I have been reconstructing for nine years, from Book of Revelation to Arthurian literature), via christian pseudohagiographic literature, Syriac liturgy, Byzantine liturgy and the Knights Templars’ alleged idole in likeness of a Baphomet. This will be a book.

  7. Via paleaochristian, coptic, byzantine and medieval arts as well…

  8. Advice to BOTH Vincenzo and Dan (paraphrasing 1 Thessalonians 5:21-23): Put all semblances and visions to the test of late antique or medieval cryptic and apparently non-cryptic literature and art: keep what is relevant and discard all that is irrelevant to reconstruct the Turin Shroud Cryptohistory (1st c. – mid-14th c. CE).

  9. Vincenzo, I was looking for the apocalyptic semblance/vision of the LEOPARD HEAD with wide open eyes (Rev. 13 1-10), you finally found it … thinking it was a lion head/resurrected Christ with open eyes.

  10. Just guess what one also can see (as archaeopradoliae) in transmitted light….

  11. After some 18 months on Dan’s web-site, I have come to accept that Max will continue to assert that there are patterns which he sees but that others of us do not. However, the question ought to be “Can I accept that they are indeed there or not?” The problem I have with this is that neurosurgeon specialists will tell us that the brain is wired to see patterns. So that what we may at first interpret as a visual pattern may have no substantive reality.

    As an impressionable child, I still vividly recall being frightened in the dark by the patterns of light I perceived as various threatening faces or animals, which even entered my nightmares. My mother was an expert teller of imaginative stories, particularly of the ghostly kind, and perhaps these helped me to lay my childish fears to rest, and I came to rationalise my spectres as no more than tricks of the light, which indeed they were.

    I am minded of the lines in Shakespeare’s play, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” having often taken part in several group readings. At its conclusion, King Theseus has the lines: “Or in the night, imagining some fear, / How easy is a bush supposed a bear!” In fact the whole play deals with questions of reality and perception in a way that only Shakespeare is capable of doing.

    This whole question of reality and perception in AMND is dealt with in an intriguing essay, “A Bush or a Bear?” by Cory Akin and can be found at:

    I have no objection to Vincenzo and Max continuing to have their party, atributing a reality to the resemblances they see, where the rest of us cannot. I am also familiar with the fact that primal peoples, Pacifica, Maori and African, will also attribute a reality to visual patterns which a modern rational mind may scorn. However if a substantive reality is to be attributed to patterns which some claim to see on the Shroud cloth, then I think it requires at least a level of reasonable consensus that such patterns are in fact perceived by more than a few. Otherwise it becomes too difficult to take these claims more seriously than perhaps we might. Even so, the question must remain as to whether they are merely tricks of the light, a trick in the weave, a pattern which are no more than a perception of our neurologically wired brains.

  12. I need to tread carefully ,I mean we need to. These initial results show something strange and maybe positive. If these images are tricks of light they have done a good job in communicating to my mind what I see. Can it be a coincidence that images of a lion head or maybe a leopard is seen. Am still working on the photographs slowly gaining more clarity. My goal is to be able to decipher the back as clear as the front face. This is more difficult as it now appears we may be dealing with 2 holographic images. Am attempting to separate the images with more clarity

    1. Bravo Vincenzo! Semblance of a (young) lion face (eye half closed). It shall be seen in the transmitted light image of the semblance of a leopard body (scourge marks seen as spots). With its eye wide open, the head then can look more like that of a leopard.

      1. Vincenzo, most definitely, you have to tread carefully. I had to do it myself (with a different image processing) in 1994-1999. There are so many dormant archaeopareidoliae on the TS!

      2. What is interesting Max is that some see these images and others dont. I use to think that an eye was an eye but now see that our brain waves and thought are hardwired to our optics.

  13. Dave, again you TOTALLY missed my point. The question definitely IS NOT “Can I accept that they are indeed there or not?” The question is “Did John or Chrétien for instance think they saw them on the burial cloth?”. My answer as a cryptologist is: most likely yes, they did.

    I JUST DON’T ATTRIBUTE ANY REALITY to the leopard head pattern. It is totally fictitious (thank you, I am quite aware). REMINDER: as a cryptologist, I am just attempting to be the archaeologist here of John’s and Chrétien’ de Troyes’s mystic or poetic imagination as early and medieval Christians did have some!

    Thus, unless you can explain to me John’s vision in Revelation 13: 1-10, which I very much doubt, the fact still remains it could come from John’s mystic imagination (not from mine!) as he meditated on the Shroud image (seen in transmitted light?).

    1. You may have a point about John in Revelations mentioning images of a lion leopard and human face with what was the 4th an Eagle. If John had the Shroud till it passed on to someoneelse having it opened up hanging with sunlight hitting it at an angle it may have revealed some of these images

      1. Having the Shroud doubled in two (so as to overlay the dorsal and facial images) in transmitted light, you can ‘think you see’ John’s leopard-bear-lion composite and Daniel’s lion, bear and leopard “beasts”.
        The semblance/vision of the eagle is more difficult to perceive. This is due to the fact the upper arm imprints back and front are now missing.

      2. BTW re the leopard, the irregularly-shaped scourge marks covering most of the TS Man’s body could then look like spots on a leopard body.

  14. Mentioning a bear, seen in the light of Rev. 13: 1-10), the TS man’s hands with most elongated fingers, look like bear’s claws (and I don’t mean pastry ;-)…

  15. Semblances of bear’s claws and a leopard head… still doesn’t ring a bell?

  16. Re Revelation in conjunction with a herring-bone weave patterned cloth, here is a reminder for Dave et al of two artefacts either carved in alabaster or pen & ink drawn:

    1/ the (4th ?) 6th century CE Mark’s cathedra/throne (kept in Venice), a 3D alabaster replica at reduced scale of the Hetoimassia (or relic-throne of the “Preparation” to the Second Coming of Christ). Hetoimassia, literally “preparation”, meaning “that which has been prepared” or “that which is made ready”, specifically refers to the “sign of the Son of Man” and his return at the Last Judgement. On much older photographs, we clearly can see the eight, five and three beatitude eight-armed star constellations of Heaven/Paradise (also see the Templecombe panel) in conjunction with the Tetramorph on the back, right and left sides of the throne and the four Evangelists two by two flanking a herring-bone weave patterned cross in the medallon on top. On its upper front the sacrificial Lamb appears central to both the Tree of Life and the four rivers of Paradise/Heaven.On the lower lateral and back sides can be seen a diamond-shaped trellis pattern evocative of that of the reliquaries of the Holy Face of the Holy Mandylion/Keramidion or Keramion/Sindon tetradiplon or Hemation.

    2/ The same herrring-bone pattern also appears in conjunction with a veil & a full length portrait of Christ and the ‘Tetramorph’ in a last quarter of the 8th century CE missal miniature from the Echternach Abbey (founded in 698 CE as a Benedictine monastery by St. Willibrord, an English monk).The pen & ink drawing/miniature was made by an 8th c. CE benedictine artist & scribe monk named Thomas.

  17. In the famous 12th c. CE Pray Codex benedictine ink & pen drawing, the “a” can refer BOTH to anastasia, “resurrection” and apocalipsis, “revelation” in conjunction with a herring-bone patterned cloth.

  18. Final reminder (I hope so) for Dave: Yeshua in his glory as both ‘crucifixion victim’ and ‘sacrificial lamb’ is depicted “wearing a garment soaked with blood” (Rev. 19:13). Still no bell ringing?

  19. Maybe Dan/Daniel could “scientifically” explain to me John’s leopard-bear-lion composite and Daniel’s lion, bear and leopard “beasts”…

  20. Extra-reminder for Dave & Dan: reality can be stranger than fiction.

  21. Extra-extra-reminder still for Dave & Dan: what we call reality is an agreed fiction.

  22. John/YoHanan or Chrétien de Troyes were definitely living in a different world than Dan & Dave….

  23. I’ve watched these clips a few times now. I see no cats. Perhaps that’s because I’m more of a dog person..

  24. Why am I the only person who has done an in depth analysis of the second face. I am sure a VP8 3 D analyser will prove me correct. Why has the front f the Shroud been analysed every inch using every piece of filming technology on the planet and the second face hasnt. I have used angular filming and spectography, I will be vindicated. I want Barry Schwortz , Fanti or any qualified photographic scientist or expert to analyse the second face and then the truth will emerge, I have revealed truth but it is at this stage only my word. When an in depth analysis is made and the images released to the public as I have done all will be much clearer. You say there is no conspiracy Dr Dan not about my work but there is a conspiracy,against the second face,tell me why it has not been analysed,all we have since 2002 other than myself is one positive photograph and one heavily banded black and white negative by Fanti. Place it under a VP8 3 D analyser

  25. A silk veil has been placed across the screen to diffuse excess light and glare. Please Dr Dan place this clip up

  26. Hello Dr Dan just want to say thankyou for showing your viewers some of my work. I ask you if you could please place this last clip up. it heralds the end of my work on all the Holy cloths thankyou Dr Dan

  27. The number that appears to be a 12 C at bottom may not be a 12 but a word when turned 360 degrees may commence with SI

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