The shroud, in part thanks to the debates surrounding its authenticity

clip_image001In The Mystery of the Shroud, Kerry Weber summarizes the status of the shroud in the current issue of America, the distinguished national weekly Catholic magazine published by the Jesuits in America. She starts out:

Today’s technology can do amazing things: phones take photos; cars park themselves. Yet, researchers still have not developed a device that can definitively pin down the origins of a famous image on a piece of cloth. The Shroud of Turin continues to puzzle many believers and scientists alike, and even major investigations have failed to provide a conclusion that satisfies everyone.

and concludes:

The shroud, in part thanks to the debates surrounding its authenticity, is a reminder of the mysteries that remain within our faith, and the image upon it reminds viewers of the suffering that many have endured because of their faith. Schwortz sought the truth through science by putting aside his biases. In a similar spirit, we must be willing to let go of our own desires and beliefs as we seek the great truths of our faith through Christ. We must always be ready to put aside the assumptions we carry—our prejudices and personal biases—and to be open to the God of surprises and to greater truths, miraculous or not.

One thought on “The shroud, in part thanks to the debates surrounding its authenticity”

  1. The msyterious ways of God.

    Maybe there was a reason for the flawed cabon dating that calls to mind something I have already writen. The issue is provenance but providence. Could it be that the erroneus carbon dating was a way of oushing the ball down the court to give science a time to catch-up with the “sign” of the Shroud and insure the controversy which would allow it to be again the center of attention.

    And who should emerge as the re-eminent spokesman for the Shroud but a man who in 1978 was a gangly young photographer and in the interim has now aged, and created the number one Shroud source on the web.

    I kidded Barrie, that his April sojurn was like a missionary trek of St. Paul. But the astounding coverage given his interview with the Cathoilic New Service and other media outlets on his missionary journey has raised interest in the Shroud. Certainly his perspective, as one raised in e Jewish family who was reluctant to get involved provides power to his message.

    And now America, the Jesuit Magazine that Fr. Peter Rinaldi avoided beacsue of the sway of Thurston, reports on his views.

    Behold the signs of the time, He is coming, but he is coming not a cloud but therough science and Internet.


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