clip_image001A Google translation of an article in Vatican Insider, Concerts, celebrations and reflections in memory of the Holy Shroud by Domenico Agasso Jr.:

A Concert and a s. Mass presided over by the papal custodian Msgr. Nosiglia the presence of the leading specialists of the Shroud are scheduled for the Feast of the Holy Cloth, which is celebrated on May 4, the date established in 1506 by Pope Julius II [pictured, portrait by Raphael, ca. 1511]. And two days later will begin a series of lectures as part of "The meetings at Holy Shroud", entitled "A body hast given me – The human story of the Shroud."

Tonight at 21 in the Cathedral of Turin begins with a concert by the Association Concertante – Art and Music Project, "which will perform in the ‘Petite Messe Solennelle’ by Gioacchino Rossini," say the organizers, which include the Museum of the Shroud and the International Centre for Sindonologia. Tomorrow instead, at 18, still in the Cathedral, there will be a Mass celebrated by Archbishop of Turin. Nosiglia. "But at the side of the liturgical celebrations – inform – the date also marks the annual event for a comparison between the members of the International Centre for Sindonologia, whose meeting will be held at the Museum of the Shroud right in the afternoon of May 4, gathering in Turin the leading experts on the Shroud. " Scholars and scientists from all over the Planet "will take stock of the situation on the various subjects’ open ‘connected to the Holy Shroud: an opportunity that presents itself important in light of the recent debate – riaccesosi worldwide in the wake of last month’ television Exposition of Holy Saturday and the concomitant launch the app ‘Shroud 2.0’ – which, in particular, dealt with the issue of the alleged samples of fabric in hands of private parties. "

Monday then the Brotherhood of the Holy Shroud and the Center for Sindonologia will initiate a series of meetings on "A body hast given me – The human story of the Shroud", which will run for five consecutive Mondays (always beginning at 21 at the church of Turin SS. Sudario). conferences – they will all be moderated by Msgr. Giuseppe Ghiberti, president of the Diocesan Commission for the Shroud – "will proceed along a theme centered on the concept of the Son of God who became man taking a body. Through its body Jesus ennobles the human condition and it shares all the events, to the more painful, on the cross.’s body becomes so crucial component of Christian consciousness, the object of faith concerning the Incarnation of the Word and the human condition. "Here are the appointments.

On May 6, Don Roberto Gottardo, Episcopal Vicar of Turin, reflect on "The Shroud shows a body – The body today." On May 13, Ernesto Olivero, founder of SERMIG, will speak about "The body of the Shroud destroyed by suffering. The daily dialogue with suffering. " On May 20, Don Roberto Repole, President of the Italian Theological Association, will speak on "The groom (the King) sleeps. The mystery of the tomb, the body is no longer a man. " May 27: "The awakening of the King", with Don Carlo Neck, professor of dogmatic theology. On June 3: "A body – flesh for our life. The Eucharist, his body in my body ", with Mgr. Giuseppe Anfossi, Bishop Emeritus of Aosta.