Barrie Schwortz’ TEDx Via della Conciliazione Talk

Barrie Schwortz


It is very good and interesting. And there were many other talks at the TEDx Via della Conciliazione. Video are available on TEDxTalks Playlist and photos on Flickr space.

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  1. There is still the controversial point about blood red appearance and bilirubin, and Rogers’ naturalistic explanation could have been mentionned, but very good speach.

    1. Correct. I do mention it now when I lecture, b
      ut I did not have that information in 1995 when I spoke with Adler. In the speech I was simply relaying the story as it occurred chronologically. Thanks for the kind words too!

  2. Barrie, this was a very nice talk. I will use it as a reference. The TED conferences and talks have notoriety behind them. This was also a very nice setup done by the organizers. Given the TED slogan “Ideas worth spreading”, we need to spread this video!

    — Mario Latendresse

    1. I second that opinion!

      Barrie would have been great as a TV host or something of that nature… As an English speaking spokesman for the Shroud, it’s hard to find someone better (especially when you consider that he was a member of the STURP team, which is not a banal thing for a Shroud spokesman).

      Would be great if someone as passionate about the Shroud as Barrie Schwortz could do the same kind of job here in the spiritual desert called Québec…

  3. Barrie,

    Congratulations on a(nother) great job and on the prestigious invitation to present there-I really enjoyed hearing the personal details of how the Shroud has impacted your own life, together with the general Shroud information you presented.

  4. Thanks for yr great presentation, Barrie !! It is so true that Jews, according to the Bible, are God’s chosen people and through them the Divine nature is revealed to human beings. We are proud of the message from the Shroud (I believe that it is real !!) since it is an authentication of the Passion of the Christ so that we can get our salvation. It is amazing to find that nearly all descriptions in the 4 Gospels about His passion on the Cross are well contained on the Turin Shroud !!!! Your fellow Jews had written the Bible, now, you enriched it with the Shroud photos !! Praise the LORD !! Love your boyhood photo of a young orthodox Jew !!

    1. Sure, I don’t want to start another religious debate here, but I would like to remind Eric that since the revelation of Jesus about who God really is, we cannot say no more that the Jews are the “chosen people”. Sorry for Barrie but since Jesus, we, as Christians, knows that, in fact, God (who is Love and Mercy and nothing else) doesn’t make any difference at all between people or race or gender or even sexual orientation ! We, as Christians, have a duty to say it out loud to the world : The real chosen people in the eyes of our loving and merciful Father (who is also the creator of every living creature in the universe) is EVERY HUMAN BEING THAT EVER LIVED IN THIS UNIVERSE AND EVERY HUMAN BEING THAT WILL EVER LIVE HERE IN THE FUTURE.

      It’s so human to always categorize people, but since Jesus revelation (especially during his Passion), we, Christians, know for a fact that God doesn’t think like that because he his Love. That’s what truly make him God and not a human creature ! And that’s the real heart of the Good News of Jesus-Christ ! You can be a Jew, a Christian, a Muslim, an atheist, etc… That will never make any difference at all in the eyes of our Father who is the Father of all and who consider every human being as his beloved son or daughter. As Christians, we need to spread this real Good News to everyone, especially those who are not Christian.

      So, please forget categories because God doesn’t think that way.

    1. No. When I read non-Christian ideas coming from someone who call himself a Christian, I just can’t help myself. There’s too much people around here who believe in God while making categories between humans and I just can’t stand it because that’s not the God revealed by Jesus-Christ. That’s not God, that’s human. You really want to believe in a little God who looks exactly like a poor human being (i.e. who categorize people in different groups)? Good for you!

      And despite what you might think of me expressing my faith out loud without any shame and any fear, I know it will make some people think and reflect in the end and that’s good enough for me. I even think you fit in that category… ;-) I know I won’t change their mind, but if I can make them realize that there is another way to be Christian, then it’s good.

      Since the revelation of Christ, we cannot call the Jews “the chosen people” no more. Sorry but saying a thing like that is anti-Christian. Just read again what Jesus said to the Samaritan women at Jacob’s well (who was an heretic women for any pious Jew of Jesus time) and you’ll understand what I mean…

  5. Did you ever think that your constant preaching is inappropriate on a generally non-religious blog ?
    What it leads to is a total ignoring of your posts – there is no such button, but one just scrolls down past your letters not even reading it.
    I am sure that is not what you hope posting your word blankets. And I am sure there are some valuable points outside those sermons, but one just passes them as well because of your neophyte zealotry.
    If you think you are going to convert anybody – think again. You aren’t

    1. You wrote : “If you think you are going to convert anybody – think again. You aren’t”

      My answer : Please, can you read again my previous reply to you : “I know I won’t change their mind, but if I can make them realize that there is another way to be Christian, then it’s good.”

      On that point, I don’t think I need to go further, unless you cannot read my english well.

      You also wrote : “What it leads to is a total ignoring of your posts”

      My answer: At the very least, my posts have not produced that effect on you!!! ;-) And if you read my posts yourself, then I have to think there are many others who do the same. You know what I think ? My preaches (as you call them) have an effect on you my friend and they make you reflect and think, which is a very good thing. Sometimes, other people’s faith can bring you some new light for your own faith. It happened to me many times in my life and I’m glad I was open enough to listen to those who wanted to share their faith with me…

      Finally, you also wrote : “Did you ever think that your constant preaching is inappropriate on a generally non-religious blog ?”

      My answer: Sorry to disagree but this is a blog related to the Shroud of Jesus-Christ! For God’s sake, if that’s not a religious topic, I don’t know what it is… And honestly, do am I the first one here to ever share his faith with people? You call it “preaching”, I prefer to call it “sharing my faith” or “expressing my faith” in the God of Jesus who is Love and Mercy (and nothing else that this). My own personal spiritual journey has convinced me that the God of Love and Mercy (and nothing else than this) revealed by Jesus is the good one and I will never be ashamed to defend this faith of mine on a blog like this, especially when another Christian will express a different sort of faith. I think sharing our ideas about Christ and about his Father is truly positive, so you can be sure that I won’t stop today…

      When he entered in Jerusalem on Palms Sunday, Jesus said to the Pharisees who wanted his disciples to shut their mouth because they were proclaiming him “the king of the Jews” : “if they keep silent, the very stones will cry out!” It’s a bit like that for me when it comes to defending the faith in the Father of Jesus who is love and mercy (and nothing else than this)!

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