The blog, miscellaneous notes on damned realism headlines out The Shroud of Turin..? Oy Vey.… But everyone knows that any oy veyables given as reasons cancels a top level oy vey. Oy vey, I say.

clip_image001For one, John 20:7 specifically tells of our Lord’s burial FACE CLOTH as found apart from the other wrappings;

For the second – any image-making covering over one’s head would, when opened flat, splay an exaggeration of face, ears and hair. Turin’s shroud shows an almost photographic image;

Three – close examination of the entire shroud shows images of gargoyles protecting it from each corner;

Four – ANY artifact from the ACTUAL Lord Son of God would either heal or kill the person touching it.

The damned realist adds:

Perhaps that last bit is a stretchy supposition, but remember what the Ark of the Covenant did when paraded about…

Oy vey!