Casabianca Tristan writes from France:

clip_image001I am pleased to inform you that I am the author of a new peer-reviewed article on the Turin Shroud which has just been published on the internet website of the Heythrop Journal (early view) : Tristan Casabianca, "The Shroud of Turin: A Historiographical Approach", The Heythrop Journal, 54, 3, 414-423, 2013.

It will be published in the print issue of May 2013 (vol. 54, 3, pp. 414-423)

Abstract : Criteria of historical assessment are applied to the Turin Shroud to determine which hypothesis relating to the image formation process is the most likely. To implement this, a ‘Minimal Facts’ approach is followed that takes into account only physicochemical and historical data receiving the widest consensus among contemporary scientists. The result indicates that the probability of the Shroud of Turin being the real shroud of Jesus of Nazareth is very high; historians and natural theologians should therefore pay it increased attention.

Just two words on me: I am French, I was born in 1982, I am Ph. D student in law and economics (Aix-Marseille University), but I also graduated in modern history (Paris-IV Sorbonne) and history of political ideas (Aix-Marseille and Como, Italia). This article is of course much more related to my "historical" background.

Best regards and bravo for your precious blog!

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