imageThis, two days ago, is from a website that bills itself as the Western Center for Journalism; I kid you not. The headline, Science Proves Shroud of Turin Authentic:

With liberals—generally atheists—gaining governmental power in the twentieth century, that troublesome Shroud of Turin, believed to be the shroud Jesus of Nazareth was buried in, had to be dealt with.

A group of sloppy scientists in 1988 cut a piece from the edge of the shroud and did a Carbon-14 dating test, finding the shroud to be dated from the Middle Ages.

“Shroud a fake,” was the cry from the highest mountains, and liberals used the news to push God further and further away as moral decay spread over Europe and America.

Anything goes in Europe nowadays, except “hate speech,” whatever that is; and here in the U.S., a federal court yesterday mandated that drug stores need to start handing out morning after pills to any girl who asks for one.

A twelve year old girl is pregnant?

What an inconvenience!

Take a pill and get rid of the fetus.

The fact that in 2008 it was found that the scientists who performed the 1988 Carbon-14 dating didn’t follow even their own protocol and merely were advancing an agenda didn’t stop the liberals from marching on and pushing God further and further out of society.

Neither did the fact that last month, a researcher in Italy, Giulio Fanti,  professor of Mechanical and Thermic Measurements at University of Padua, found not only that the shroud belonged to the period associated with Christ, but that the image on the Shroud of Turin was caused by an instantaneous and extremely powerful burst of electrical energy. Referred to as a “corona discharge effect” requiring tens of millions of volts, according to Fanti, it is impossible to duplicate—even with today’s advanced technology. . . .