No More Shroud of Doubt?

imageGarth Kant lays it on pretty thick in WND with “New research removes ‘shroud’ of doubt – Experiments prove sacred Christian relic in Turin dates back to Christ.”  Do you get the feeling this is a we-told-you-story? Do you get the feeling that Kant gets most of his information from the WND archives? Do you get they feeling that Kant doesn’t realize that Giulio Fanti and Paolo Di Lazzaro are different people?

A new book on a scientific analysis of the Shroud of Turin confirms what WND reported more than a year ago – the relic is not a medieval forgery. The latest tests date the shroud to between 300 BC and 400 AD.

The results of the tests are documented in the book “Il Mistero della Sindone” or The Mystery of the Shroud, written by Giulio Fanti, a professor of mechanical and thermal measurement at Italy’s Padua University, and Saverio Gaeta, a journalist.

Scientists measured radiation intensity using infra-red light and spectroscopy to analyze the shroud, which is kept in a climate-controlled case in Turin, Italy.

Fanti said the imprint was caused by a blast of “exceptional radiation.”

That is essentially what WND reported in December 2011, that the imprint on the shroud was likely caused by a burst of ultraviolet light that was beyond the technical capabilities of medieval forgers.

That finding is also remarkably similar to the fictional explanation WND staff reporter Jerome R. Corsi provided in his 2010 novel on the Shroud of Turin, “The Shroud Codex.”

“WND” appears 11 times in the one page story. I wonder if they will continue to say this after they read more about Fanti’s book.

3 thoughts on “No More Shroud of Doubt?”

  1. Reading the comments, the bloggers at WND are even more simple-minded and misled than those on Fr Longenecker’s site I checked out a few days ago. When I read that some actually and earnestly believe that Muslims worship Satan every day of the week, I give up. Who’s feeding this crap out there?

  2. I have been attempting to keep up with as much info. on the Shroud for many years. Although not all the info. was as positive as I believed on the inside of my spirit, but I always kept the faith, believing on those things on which I can not see, just be believing, God never fail’s, He has always come through. Now, there will alway’s be those skeptist in this world, and for those who still have doubt, I praythe Holy Spirit will come upon you, and reveal the truth to you, as He has me. I am thankful for all those who has worked hard to show those who still are doubtful of the Truth.

  3. Jerome Corsi was told by one prominent Shroudie that the Turin Archdiocese was making arrangements for another carbon dating test, so what is being done over there?

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