imageJohn Klotz asks of The image on the Turin Shroud: Is a laser like light the explanation? in his Living Free blog:

There is debate among individuals who study the Shroud of Turin as to whether or not the image of a crucified man that appears on it is a scorch. I think one of the problems when discussing the scorch theory is defining a scorch. In common parlance, perhaps all of parlance, a scorch is the result of extreme heat. However,  pure light can have effects that mimic a scorch when it ages something – as it can do.

As part of this question he wonders:

Applying Occam’s razor, could it be that the "simplest explanation" of the image is in fact the Resurrection?

I talked with John last evening. We are on the same wavelength on this – well almost, I think. I told him that my favorite concept from Thomas Aquinas had to do with a question about angels – Thomas was big into angels.  For me it is more metaphor. Anyway, the question is this. Must an angel in going from point A to point B pass through the in between? In other words does divine action require time, space and a process. For instance can you have a chemical change of state without a chemical reaction? When it comes to image formation, could it be by something other than light or any form of energy, as we imagine such processes occurring, because our view is so limited by the limitations of science? Is quantum physics a hint of something even beyond quantum physics? Is Resurrection beyond anything we can imagine? If light can do what heat can do can something else we don’t know about and don’t have a name for create/make/leave an image?

Is light a metaphor for something more than light?

Okay, Colin, I’ve created a problem for you. Your terms, “funny fizics, the conjured-up chemystery, and the fantasizing fizziology” just aren’t adequate to describe all this.

And John, maybe you don’t want to be on the same wavelength with me and my funny-fuzzy-filosophy.