clip_image001Yesterday’s Quinnipiac University National Poll on American Catholics is causing quite a stir. Most news outlets carried an abridged version of the press release. Google, for the search, “quinnipiac poll on american catholics,” reports 644 news stories and 10,298 blog entries. Boston University’s Stephen Prothero in a “Special to CNN’ decided the pope is irrelevant. Catholic News Service (CWS) managed to eke out this oh-so-limp headline from the finer details: Quinnipiac Poll: 55% of Weekly Mass-Attending Catholics Oppose Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ (Italics mine)

Well they didn’t ask about the Shroud of Turin but they did ask about married priests and women priests.

March 8, 2013 – American Catholics Support Same-Sex Marriage, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Catholics Want New Direction From Next Pope

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American voter support for same-sex marriage is inching up and now stands at 47 – 43 percent, including 54 – 38 percent among Catholic voters, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

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Among all adult Catholics, 52 percent say the Church is moving in the right direction, while 31 percent say it is going in the wrong direction.

Church leaders are out of touch with the views of Catholics in America today, all Catholics say 52 – 40 percent. Men say out of touch, 54 – 37 percent, while women agree by a smaller 49 – 43 percent margin.

The next pope should move the Church in new directions, 55 percent of Catholics say, while 38 percent say the pope should maintain the current direction.

American Catholics say 62 – 30 percent that the next pope should allow priests to marry and say 64 – 28 percent, including 68 – 24 percent among women, that he should relax the church ban on contraception.

Under the next pope, Catholics say 81 – 13 percent, the Church should do more to combat sexual abuse of young people by priests.

Catholics agree 59 – 35 percent that clergy should not be allowed to run for and serve in public office.

By a 51 – 41 percent margin, Catholics support Present Barack Obama’s position that religious-based institutions, such as hospitals and universities, must arrange for their insurance companies to provide birth control coverage for employees.

Among Catholics, 16 percent have a very favorable opinion of Pope Benedict XVI, with 58 percent favorable, 15 percent unfavorable and 3 percent very unfavorable.

Religion is very important in their life, 57 percent of Catholics say, while 33 percent say fairly important and 9 percent say not very important.

As an Episcopalian, I noticed the release didn’t mention item 34 that asks, “Should the next pope support or oppose allowing women to become priests?” It turns out that 62 percent think so while only 27 percent do not.

I’ve always wanted a real poll on the Shroud of Turin to includes Catholic, Anglican, Mainstream Protestant, Evangelical and Orthodox Christians.