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From a Jesse Bradford Interview on The Power of Few Movie in ELLE:

imageFilmed in post-Katrina New Orleans, The Power of Few is an intriguing, thought-provoking indie about how one’s choices dramatically impact other people. Multiple story lines intersect around news of the theft of the Shroud of Turin, the burial cloth of Jesus Christ, which undercover agent Christian Slater is in hot pursuit of. Christopher Walken [pictured in the movie and as you might recognize him], a now-homeless former news anchor, reveals clip_image001[8]that the shroud’s theft is an attempt to clone Jesus by gathering DNA from the shroud. Bradford plays Dom, a man targeted by gang members for testifying in court. The plot entails a domino-like chain of events which otherwise would have resulted in multiple murders.

And by clicking on the larger image below (or  you can visit the movie’s website, view a theatrical trailer and find out where the movie is opening. It looks like March 15 or so is the planned date for a nationwide rollout – if all goes well in the limited rollout. If it doesn’t, there is always DVD.


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  1. This looks bad… at least they don’t bother with C14 dating, and women, you could see Jesse Bradford “single but dating”.

  2. I’ll wait until I see the movie (thinking rental) to vote The Facts of Few, but can they just give it a rest, already? This movie is the 2nd cloning Jesus from the bloodstains adventure so far this year, following the release of “The Sixth Station” novel last month (the 3rd if you count the final installment of the Punk Rock Jesus comic book series). In the novel-SPOILER ALERT for those who are wanting to read the book-a 24 chromosome Savior is revealed-half of the normal number plus a Y.

    This film may experience a similar free fall as the “I’m not Jesus, Mommy” movie, although it features some pretty well known actors. The release date of the film is designed to capitalize on, some might even say counteract, the rise in popularity of the Shroud during the Lenten/Easter season. It’s a pet peeve of mine, admittedly, but such media further erodes the perception of the Shroud in the mainstream-it sets the bar even higher for reaching a level of objectivity. It was probably the picture of Christopher Walken is the Clone Jesus t-shirt that tipped me over the edge-somehow, I can see these on sale at Target

  3. Whether the movie is good or bad, it’s safe to say this movie would not have been released in 1989.

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