clip_image001Ken Atchity (rhymes with crotchety) in the Religion section of the Huffington Post:

My thought is that Benedict XVI resigned because he could no longer pretend he believes in the historicity of the founding myth, knowing as a scholar that it had never and could never be proved — especially by the anti-intellectual fundamentalists bent on returning the world’s remaining faithful to the Dark Ages where priests would never marry, women would never be priests, every act of sex must result in Sunday-generous children, and Jesus’ face is actually imprinted on the shroud of Turin as certainly as Boccaccio’s Friar Onion sold feathers from the Archangel Gabriel and breast milk from the Virgin Mary.

And there is more at Ken Atchity: Good News From the Vatican. From HuffPo:

Dr. Atchity’s first novel, "The Messiah Matrix," explores the labyrinthine politics of the Vatican, the doctrinal rivalries within the ancient church, and the enforced mysteries masking the true origins of Christianity