imageNow that we have a full day to examine it, I for one like Colin’s new blogging style. It is easier to read and it is much easier to find updates to postings. Go have a look at Shroudie-Alert: Day1.

I even found something I agree with on the page. Colin writes:

17:37:  I’ve been thinking some more (yup, I know I shouldn’t) about . . .

Yup!  (It’s a joke, Colin, not an ad hom).

I do hope this style of blogging will help Colin achieve his goals, as I understand those goals. He did write in this posting:

. . . My agenda as a (retired) scientist is the same as that of any scientist: I despise seeing pseudo-science being used to shape and mould public opinion, especially when it is deployed proactively in the press, the internet, TV documentaries and the like. That is my one and only agenda. What other people choose to believe (religion, political philosophy etc) is entirely their own affair, provided they do not attempt to gain control over other people’s minds by means of mis- or disinformation.

I agree with every word of that. I hope that this new style will become something of a foundation for better discussions and that more people will visit his site and offer comments. So go read from the end of the day at 17:37 through the beginning of the day at 07:53 at Shroudie-Alert: Day1.

BTW: I added the following note to a posting in this blog: On the Topic of Bloodstains: Picking up Threads of Useful Discussion:

Credit and Thanks: I tip my hat. The picture shown above is from ShroudScope. It was extracted by Colin Berry who also made useful and informed adjustments to the contrast and brightness of the extraction.