imageA reader writes:

Colin Berry has amply demonstrated that John Jackson, Eric Jumper, Don Lynn, et al. erred in thinking that the VP8 results showed that varying image luminance represents a cloth-to-body spatial distribution. There may be no real 3D encoding, whatsoever. However, Dr. Berry’s attempt to show that the image is a thermal imprint or scorch is inadequate. It may be another way to get 3D images but it doesn’t produce superficial color. Nonetheless his investigation of thermal imprinting makes for good smoke in a wind tunnel.

This could lead to productive discussions with others. Unfortunately, Dr. Berry does everything he can to thwart this with his verbal strutting and abusive argumentum ad hominem attacks. How can he possibly think that in writing, “There are some folk who need to learn – re-learn- a bit of elementary physics. Regrettably (or should that be astonishingly?) that includes some miracle-invoking physicists and engineers who inexcusably compromise the objectivity of science with their particular variant of Christian theology,” that discourse is possible? 

Has Colin amply demonstrated this? Over at Colin’s blog, read Could this be clinching evidence that the Shroud image is a contact scorch?. Be sure to read the comment by Thibault Heimburger, as well.