imageAlright, so I wasn’t thrilled about Barrie Schwortz going to the Prophesy in the News (PITN) Pikes Peak conference. See PITN Taking Advantage of the Shroud of Turin and , How ‘Ya Gonna Keep ‘Em Down on the Farm? After They’ve Seen Paree. I had said:

Frankly, I’m sorry to see the Shroud of Turin used for what I think, now, is basically a movement to sell books and conventions and promote a non-orthodox, off-beat Christianism.

I got a lot of push back from Barrie, Russ Breault and others. And I reconsidered my position, somewhat. Now some folks of the off-beat crowd, very very off-beat crowd, are objecting. Click HERE or on the graphic to see how bad it can get (all 16 pages – requires antacid tablets).

And then there is this at the blog Galatians 4:

Why are so called evangelicals promoting a relic of the Popes?
From LA Muzarulli’s blog..

"I wept when I first saw the face, in 1980, as I believe it is really him. I don’t worship the image, and it doesn’t add to my salvation. It does, however, leave me speechless as I have a tangible link to events that happened almost 2000 years ago, a cosmic picture, if you will of the event that Christians call the resurrection, made, I believe by God himself, as the lifeless body dematerialized in millions of points of light. Is the man on the Shroud Jesus? That’s up to you to decide for yourself. As for me, the Shroud of Turin is God’s Calling Card."

. . . Because this thing is not a "picture" of Jesus whatsoever. Besides the obvious breaking of the second commandment, it’s all wrong. The OT tells us that long hair is a shame unto a man, and they expect Jesus to have long hair? It’s just another phony rendition of the Catholic "jesus".

You all may think I am strange with this one, but I knew the Shroud of Turin was phony within the same year I came out of the Catholic church. Take a look at this face… Long hair anorexic like an inverse of the Catholic "hippie" "jesus:….

Oh, my gosh, Barrie has long hair.