imageAs Gabriel recently noted in a comment:

The Colorado center has just made public a very interesting document ” The Shroud A Critical Summary of Observations, Data and Hypotheses ” with many of the things we customarily discuss in this blog.

Here is what the Turin Shroud Center of Colorado is reporting:

The Shroud: A Critical Summary of Observations, Data and Hypotheses

Use this link [or click on the picture of the cover page shown here] to view the above titled PDF document. This is a large document so it will take a minute to download: View PDF . The document includes all of the important scientific observations from the STURP expedition. In addition, the most important data from research conducted by our TSC scientific team, other scientists, forensic and historical researchers, both before and after STURP, is included along with our comments and evaluation. We will maintain this document on a continuous basis. The document is designed to be revised over time to include all important new research findings and thinking on the Shroud. All changes will be documented in a formal log of changes to help support the user stay up to date on the Shroud. The document includes detailed references to source research material.

imageThe Critical Summary is a copyrighted document but you are given permission to print it for private and for non-profit educational purposes.

If you have comments or suggestions regarding this document please send them to us by Email here(

It is 44 pages long including title material and end notes. Here is the description at the Turin Shroud Center of Colorado