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imageWith host Rich Christian. Episode: Razor Swift: The Shroud of Turin W: Barry M Schwortz. Description of the 122 minute show:

The Shroud Of Turin has been an object of controversy for centuries. It’s been said that the shroud has been the single most studied artifact in human history. The believers say it’s the burial shroud of Jesus while the skeptics maintain that there’s nothing to the shroud, but just another religious hoax. Coming on the show will be Shroud Of Turin expert Barrie M. Schwortz to give us his analysis on the shroud.

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3 thoughts on “Barry Schwortz on Grok Radio”

  1. Interesting interview, I have learnt a few things as for example, that technically the Shroud does not belong to the Church itself but to the Pope.
    Barrie also dismisses the conspiration theory regarding the radiocarbon dating and considers that the labs did a good technical job. He thinks that the problem was that the chosen sample was a medieval reweaving.
    Regarding the prsence of flowers, coins and so on he does not believe that there are any but he does not go into details as in the paper he recently coauthored with Dilazzaro et al and published in ENEA

  2. I listened to the entire 2hrs and enjoyed it. Barrie covered most of the conceivable arguments and explained his answers well. Succinct and to the point.
    Certainly worth a listen if you are interested in the shroud but can’t be bothered wading through reams of scientific reports.

  3. “How do you get an image as well resolved as the one on the shroud ?”

    I don’t know.

    Has anyone proved such a resolution cannot be achieve by gas diffusion ?

    I don’t think so, as long as there is a random path there is a potential contrast the level of which depends on the lenght of the path.

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