The Shroud was the Resurrection?

imageAnnette Cloutier, author of Praey To God: A Tasteful Trip Through Faith writes:

Have you read James Tabor’s book yet Paul and Jesus?

I think you can then figure out better how the resurrection stories developed.

I do still believe as Loken and deWesselow have stated that the Shroud was the Resurrection.

Tabor bases his resurrection theories mostly on the VISIONS of Paul. I think Paul was blown away by his private observation of the Shroud and went bonkers. Mark writing about three and a half decades after Paul (c 80) then went into the Jesus Family Tomb for his characters.

As far as the Empty Tomb is concerned… I also believed Mark invented it. Tabor does not… he believes that the body was stolen as was rumored to have happened the rumor being reported by Matthew. I believe the rumor was the result of Mark’s Gospel… not of the actual circumstance of an Empty Tomb.

There’s a lot of invention and creativity with storytelling… especially one writing as skillfully as Mark. But there sure is nothing more creative nor inventive than the Shroud. Anyone can see it had not been made by “human hands”.

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3 thoughts on “The Shroud was the Resurrection?”

  1. The fact that M. Annette Cloutier relies on James Tabor for biblical studies only shows that she is wide off the mark.

  2. There will be no end to these such fantasies so long as there are those who are dependent upon them. Most people, though, will see them for what they are.

  3. Must add that this is just a part of a much wider movement, agenda-driven of course, and filled with people who share one particular view of the New Testament that suits their worldview. The approach is such that if the Old Testament comes under close scrutiny dozens of myths will be found and that is the reason why nothing is said about this part of the Bible. No one needs to be like Arnold Toynbee to grasp this.

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