imageJoseph Cotto interviews Atheist and scientific skeptic James Randi (pictured) in the Washington Times:

Joseph F. Cotto: Scientific skepticism is a well-known concept. Why, in your view, is it so important in this day and age?

James Randi: Because very little of this process – to test paranormal and pseudoscientific claims with the methods of science – is shown by the media, by educators, or by the public. It is easier and simpler to accept every crackpot notion and invoke "political correctness" as a crutch. This is a major reason for the existence of the James Randi Educational Foundation, to challenge the media when they are careless and irresponsible about pseudoscience and the paranormal. I call this the "Oprah Winfrey Syndrome," accepting and promoting any woo-woo notion that sounds "nice" and "comforting" without considering its validity.

And, in my opinion, any testable religious claim is a variety of paranormal claim. This includes items such as the Shroud of Turin, weeping icons, and stigmata.

But can you so easily dismiss the Shroud of Turin by branding it a paranormal claim?