imageSister Mary Ann Walsh, Director of Media Relations, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, writes:

With the push of a button, I sent a tweet to the pope at #AskPontifex, the new Twitter account the Vatican set up for Pope Benedict XVI. It’s nice to go straight to the top. Kudos to the pope who saw that, even at 85 years of age, he has to engage in social media.

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Some fear the pope and other leaders might lose some mystique when they tweet with the hoi polloi. Yet plain speaking is not irreverent and being with the masses is not beneath a religious leader. After all, God did become man. Scripture proves simple speech can be holy. Think "Let there be light" at creation and Mary’s "Let it be done unto me according to thy word" at the Annunciation. Engaging the crowd means being with God’s children, such as the multitude Jesus addressed on the mountainside.

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Link: Sister Mary Ann Walsh: Tweet the Pope