imageA Google-based search of the Optical Society (OSA)’s Optics InfoBase shows the following early posting of accepted papers to appear in an upcoming issue of Applied Optics, a highly respected peer-reviewed journal that is now celebrating its 50th anniversary of publishing high quality scientific papers.

Here is the entry. Will it generate the same level of interest that this same information created late last year?

Superficial and Shroud-like coloration of linen by short laser pulses in the vacuum ultraviolet

  • P. Di Lazzaro, D. Murra, E. Nichelatti, A. Santoni, and G. Baldacchini
  • received 07/23/2012; accepted 10/20/2012; posted 10/22/2012; Doc. ID 173160
  • [full text: PDF (1297) KB)]
  • Abstract: We present a survey on five-years experiments of excimer laser irradiation of linen fabrics, seeking for a coloration mechanism able to reproduce the microscopic complexity of the body image embedded onto the Shroud of Turin. We achieved a superficial, Shroud-like coloration in a narrow range of irradiation parameters. We also obtained latent coloration that appears after artificial or natural aging of linen following laser irradiations that at first did not generate any visible effect. Most importantly, we have recognized distinct photo-chemical processes that account for both coloration and latent coloration.

Keywords (OCIS):

  • (140.3610) Lasers and laser optics : Lasers, ultraviolet
  • (350.6670) Other areas of optics : Surface photochemistry

If you try to access the paper you will get the message that “[y]ou have attempted to access the full-text of an Early Posting article. Access is available via an institutional subscription. A pay-per-view option will be offered shortly.” 

Link to Optics InfoBase: Applied Optics – Early Posting. You will need to scroll down about 3/4 of the way down the list.