clip_image001Maria Downing writes in response to yesterday’s posting:

Hope all is well.

Cannot comment, but here is a short statement from Ray, plus a link to a good summary.

Best from both of us,


Here is the statement from Ray:

Ray Downing and Studio Macbeth entered the broadcast industry to contribute decent, thoughtful, and innovative television programming.

It seems that the common sense notion of right and wrong has been distorted in some circles of this industry, and we find ourselves victims of their intimidating tactics.

The control over one’s own property, public image, and professed beliefs is a fundamental individual right.

The question which we have been forced to face is how far the abuse of these rights can be tolerated.

After a year of privately and confidentially attempting to rectify these injustices with the parties involved, we have no recourse but to petition the federal courts for relief.

Ray Downing
President of Studio Macbeth, Inc.
Computer Graphics Animation

Picture is of Ray and Maria and others of the Studio Macbeth team after having been awarded an Emmy for bringing Abraham Lincoln back to life on the History Channel special "Stealing Lincoln’s Body".