imageDid we need to be reminded? Michael Riedel recalls rogue producers of the past in yesterday’s New York Post:

The “Rebecca” scandal has made me nostalgic for the Broadway of the ’70s and ’80s, when the street had a colorful selection of rascals and rogues and ticky-tacky productions that closed overnight.

Anyone remember “Into the Light,” a musical about the Shroud of Turin, that ran six performances in 1986?

The late writer Peter Stone dubbed it “Jesus Christ Tablecloth.”

MUST WATCH:   There are three back-to-back 1986 reviews on this YouTube with amusing clips from the actual Broadway show. It leads me to wonder if the members of STURP, the Cardinal of Turin and all those priests and nuns ever danced and sang so wonderfully? It is worth seven minutes of your time if you value laughter.