Laugh for Today: Beery Colin’s Latest


He does have a sense of humor. Thank God for that:

Needed urgently – scorch scanner (gd wkg cond)

Must be in tip-top condition – needed for important modelling exercise at the cutting edge of science.

Must be capable of handling images of 250nm thickness +/- 500nm (best estimate available for target icon, based on  1980s vintage state-of-the-art sticky tape technology).

Must be capable of handling horse-brass size images – especially faint ones at the limits of visibility (see second from left above prior to 3D-image processing). Ability to upgrade to 4.4 x 1.1 metres an advantage, coupled with ease of portability and ability to fit through cathedral doorways.

imageMust also be capable of handling ancient scorches, including flaking specimens, up to 800 years old.

4 thoughts on “Laugh for Today: Beery Colin’s Latest”

  1. It’s good to lighten up occasionally, and Colin’s wit makes a welcome change from the pompous turgid material we see too often from some other contributors.

    Has he enquired into obtaining a second-hand high-school lab microscope? That would seem to fit his specification!

  2. Colin always has had a humorous side to him. You just have to read some of his proposals ;-)

    But maybe the joke is on him as those items shown are a sound processor and a Reverb effects limiter, and unless he’s going to be recording himself scorching linen, they will be useless to him lol.

    By the way if he still wants to purchase the above shown equipment, he is in luck, that stuff goes for pennies now on the Internet ;-)


  3. Dan, by the way, is that a typo in the title, or are you postulating Berry may be under the influence? ;-)


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