imageColin Berry writes (posted with permission):

Hello Dan

I request that you remove the libellous comment posted by Stephen E Jones, since you will know that I have not demanded anything. Everything was phrased as a request that you seek permission. added to which I made clear that I did not regard your use of my graphics as fair use if they are used to adorn headline attacks on me or my views.

I would have posted to Jones’s own site, but for the fact that he now reports any comment I send there as "spam". The man is a menace, and is now using YOUR site to get at me, while effectively denying me a right of reply. Repeat – the man is a menace.

Are you going to respond to my latest posting?  If not, I am minded to refer the phoney science that you claim represents the position of 4 named investigators to the UK’s Royal Society as an open letter. I won’t do that behind your back, believing as I do in total transparency. I have prepared a draft, and will publish that first as a declaration of intent. Are you sure the 3 living members wish to be associated with your phoney science if it appears in a future RS newsletter, inviting comments from influential  chemists and physicists?

Cool Regards

Colin Berry

I wrote back:

Hi Colin. Thanks for writing. I’ve looked at Stephen’s comment and find nothing sufficiently objectionable with it that would prompt me to remove it. I guess it is a matter of interpretation. Anyway, you are more than welcome to comment. As a matter of fact I have been thinking of publishing this letter to get your point of view out there. Why not, instead, write something so it appears the way you want it to.

Am I going to respond to your latest posting? I’m not inclined to do so so please feel free to write to the Royal Society. Again, you are free to comment. Would you like to write a full article? I’d be happy to publish it if you send it along.


Dan Porter