imageTwo comments from blog posting, “Barrie Schwortz Announces Latest Changes to the Shroud of Turin Website (STERA, Inc.)” warrant special attention:

1. The first is from Thibault Heimburger:

Congratulations to you , Kelly Kearse, for your very beautiful and comprehensive review of the immunology of the blood.

I have learned many things, especially the details of Bollone’s studies which unfortunately are not available in English (or French).

It’s exactly the kind of balanced and honest paper we need.
I fully agree with your conclusion.

Thanks again and bravo !

2. The second is from Ron, a frequent and thoughtful participant in the blog:

MAN! You’ve got to hand it to Barrie, he is TIRELESS! Awesome update and sure worth the wait.

A huge THANK-YOU to our good friend Barrie Schwortz and anyone else involved in keeping the place to go for Shroud studies.

And that hardly covers it. I’m just reading The Shroud and the "Historical Jesus": Challenging the Disciplinary Divide by Simon Joseph. Fantastic! I’ll be up all night delving into this wonderful update.