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I gave you some tips for searching the blog. Andy Weiss gives us more. I didn’t know about this. This is great. I imagine that I will use it often.

Andy writes:

Or one could use our expanded search capability This gives the user a choice of a variety of Shroud sites. The person just selects the radio button to the left of the site they want to search, enter the search criteria and click search (or press enter). Using this will provide a search of only the site you selected since there are many sites that do not have search capabilities and permits you to limit results to see what each site has for what you are looking.


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  1. Was goin to comment on this before when the comment was first posted, Excellent find Andy!
    This will definately cut-down the time requirred in searching.


  2. Thanks for posting this, Dan. We are a small museum (opened February 2009) and a relatively new site (been online since September 2009). Yet we have had some fabulous talks by the likes of Dr. John Jackson, Barrie Schwortz, Larry Schauf and several talks on the groundbreaking holographic work of Dr. Petrus Soon.

    Ron, thanks for the compliment, but it isn’t a find. I created it since I am the creator and webmaster for, the online part (iSEAM) of the Shroud Exhibit and Museum, Inc. (SEAM).

    For anyone who knows of other reliable Shroud sites, please let me know so I can build a somewhat complete set of pages to search. I wanted to make it easy for folks to search a specific site without having to know anything about the search information in the address bar. I am a geeky IT guy, but most people don’t care about that kind of thing, they just want to search sites in which they are interested. So I offer this search capability to all interested, my small contribution to Shroud researchers.

  3. Thanks for the compliment, Ron. I have tried to make it user friendly and easy to navigate. Suggestions are always welcome and implemented most of the time (if they are good ideas).

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