imageFrancis DeStefano’s Resurrection Now blog lists the best Shroud of Turin websites. I didn’t make the cut with nearly one million page views (1500 to 2000 per day), with 1741 posts (an average of 2.3 posts per day in the last year), 7,898 comments, several hundred subscribed followers. Actually, come to think of it, none of the Shroud of Turin websites I created made Francis’ list. Wonder why? Did he Google? Ah, best!

According to Alexa the top five most popular Shroud of Turin websites are:

  • The Shroud of Turin (

    • Rank:1,053,735
    • Reputation: 742
  • Shroud of Turin Blog (this blog, not on the list)

    • Rank: 2,770,853
    • Reputation: 578 (108 direct)
  • Shroud of Turin for Journalists (not on the list, created by me)

    • Rank: 4,552,842
    • Reputation: 412
  • Shroud Story (not on the list, created by me, being rebuilt) 
    • Rank: 5,620,198
    • Reputation: 224
  • Turin Shroud Center of Colorado (created by John Jackson)

    • Rank:9,496,612
    • Reputation:  53
  • Well, go have a look. They are all good sites.