imageDaveb of Wellington writes by way of a comment:

Spelling it out clearly:  Baldacchini [see The Holy Shroud: One Big Bang and the body was gone] is saying that the only known physical process leading to the disappearance of mass (where’s the body gone?) is a matter-antimatter annihilation.  Every matter atomic particle, is supposed to be paired with an anti-matter particle, so we have positrons (anti-electrons), anti-protons, anti-neutrons etc.  The wonder is that there was any matter left over after the "Big Bang" which created the universe.  If a matter particle encounters an anti-matter particle, they are both annihilated, releasing energy according to Einstein’s equation: E = Mc^2.  AJ is saying, "Suppose your average 1st century Jew is about 70 kg, then destruction of the total body mass would result in a 10 GT nuclear explosion."  However, clearly Baldacchini must be on the wrong track, as this didn’t happen.  The body disappeared, but several people claimed to have seen Jesus afterwards, unless they’re de Wesselow animists.  If we’re going to confine our thinking to purely physical processes, then a parallel universe becomes a much more credible alternative explanation.  Parallel universes are to me a stepping stone in scientific terms towards a modern conceptual idea of the "supernatural" world.  I wonder what Teilhard [pictured] might have thought of that idea?

“A modern conceptual idea of the ‘supernatural’ world”?

Parallel universes? Where it is summer in New Zealand and not 105 in the shade on Hilton Head?