An image in Myrrh Resin? Do the math?

You will need a couple of cups of strong coffee . . . no actually something stronger while you watch this video just uploaded July 4, 2012 by GoodShepard007.

The description begins:

This is the MOST BIZARRE, ENTERTAINING AND INFORMATIVE Shroud of Turin Video Ever Presented on youtube or any other place in the world.

Bizarre? Yes! Entertaining? Hmm! Informative? Ouch! Is it the music? The scrambled “facts?” Oh, well, read some more of the description. Then watch it. Or not.


Description from YouTube continues:


1. What Happened To The Body of Jesus?
2. Who Is The Man In The Shroud?

There is evidence presented in this video NEVER SEEN BEFORE IN ANY BOOK, VIDEO OR HEARD FROM ANY PUBLIC SPEAKER that is absolutely astonishing.

This is a courtroom style/closing argument type presentation,

During the course of presenting THE VISUAL AND AUDITORY evidence the scale slowly tips in favor of the defendent until it can go no further and the viewer is backed into a corner and there is only 1 possibility left.

The Man In The Shroud is Jesus of Nazareth,

The Greek Word Paul of Tarsus Uses (φαιλόνην) In 2 Timothy 4:13 is a dual feminine noun used in ancient Greek, he altered the spelling by adding a "v" to the end of the word signifying that the word was meant to include both meanings of the word.

The Greek Word φαιλόνην) Has Has Several Meanings

1. Cloak/Garment Wide, Upper or Royal or From Above
2. Light Bringing and LIght Giving (Ilimuinated)

It is derived from the Greek Word that means LIGHT and or GARMENT "something that shines" Paul of Tarsus meant the word to INCLUDE ALL THE MEANINGS.


the pollens samples on the shroud match his foosteps and the fresco paintings on the walls found in the tomb in Rome used the face of the Shroud as a model.

High Grade Myrrh is light reflective and glossy when it dries and would appear to "shine" under light. The image that makes up the Shroud is MYRRH RESIN.

That has been positively identified as making up the shroud image. There is no mistake about. A 100% mathematical certainty.

These are all the properties make up the shroud image

1. Fucose
2. Galactose
3. Arabinose
4. Rhanmose
5. Xylose
6. Glucose
7. Gluceronic Acid (Also a component of polysaccharide and bilirubin)


This evidence also explains why there is no image around the eyes, navel, between legs AND All places where the cloth did not make direct contact with the body, where myrrh was not applied.
Especially in the blank image around the eyes. This is a place where the myrrh would not have been applied and there is no image except for the faint markings of coins issued by Pilate.

Without the myrrh making contact with the cloth this area would appear blank, just as it does on The Shoud negative image and dark on the positive. You can clearly see where the 3-D Mold of Jesus was not 100% perfect.

This was originally a 60 minute video, I could have GONE ON with more "coincidences" that link this cloth to Jesus of Nazareth ALL DAY LONG. You are seeing only a fragment of this evidence.
The calculated odds the "Man In The Shroud" is someone other than the defendent, Jesus of Nazareth is one in several billion. Stronger than any DNA Evidence ever presented that would easily result in convicting a criminal or setting someone FREE who has been FALSELY ACCUSED.
The best part of this video is that the viewer ALONG WITH THE DEFENDENT is BEING SET FREE
May The Spirit And Power Of Love Eternal Be Yours Now,

Link: THE ILLUMINATED SHROUD! φαιλόνην Video – YouTube

8 thoughts on “An image in Myrrh Resin? Do the math?”

    1. First I would like to say, I like the videos featured on the Shroud Encounter channel.
      The 7 properties that make up the shroud image is myrrh. I can be more specific. It is Arabian myrrh, called Kataf, it is clear and transparent, unlike normal resin we see today that is taken from the tree by making an incision in the bark. What is on the shroud is the myrrh that flows out naturally in the spring, the clear type, and was known in BC times as Stacte Myrrh, that only the very wealthy could afford. Someone like Nicodemus. The 7 properties that make up the shroud image and the whole bio plastic covering is verified and comes from a scientific peer reviewed journal. I believe this was done by Ray Rodgers. I did not just make these up.
      A chemical report was done on myrrh resin in the 1940’s and the words he used to describe it were “starch fractions” of the exact same substances mentioned in the scientifically peer reviewed journals that make up the Shroud, all 7 of them.
      Even McCrone who I don’t think highly of got one thing right. He stated the iron oxide he found was “suspended in gum Arabic” That is Arabian Myrrh. (Note iron oxide is a natural byproduct of hemoglobin and also of red ochre paint) But red ochre does not contain bilirubin! Need more be said on that?

      It is claimed that there is was NO myrrh resin found on the Shroud of Turin yet what is listed as what makes up the image on the Shroud are 7 properties of myrrh resin?! Yet they identified this as soapwort that was used to wash the cloth when it was made. If that were true then the bloodstains would be over the carb layer, not under it. Also the 7 properties they listed, as soapwort was NOT a MATCH. But the MYRRH is a 100% MATCH and agrees with the eyewitness testimony of the Gospel of John. By process of elimination what make up the bio plastic covering on the Shroud cannot be anything but myrrh resin. Note also when you look up the word “bio plastic covering” you come to cellulose acetate, which is made up of Glucose and a trace amount of acetic acid.
      Myrrh is over 50% glucose and contains acetic acid and when applied to a human body acetic anhydride will be present as a byproduct of acetic acid. This is how cellulose acetate is made. The missing element is the catalyst, which is normally sulfuric acid, a trace amount needed for hydrolysis to take place. A trace amount of Sulfuric acid would be found in human sweat.
      I am not sure that sulfuric acid is the catalyst, But I damn well know what is on the Shroud is a combo of Myrrh/Cellulose Acetate. This would convert the Shroud into something not unlike a 3-D 14′ linen mirror coated with cellulose acetate. Now you need a light source that is oscillating at over 4 quadrillion cycles per second to form the image that is seen on the Shroud. Eliminate any normal light as possible.
      (Jesus himself is likely the light source)

      The light similar to that from a nuclear explosion without the intense radiation is the kind of light that would be needed to form what is on The Shroud. (More light than heat) See the shadow images of victims embedded into concrete and wood in Hiroshima to get insight on this.
      In the same way the image of Jesus reflected into the cloth and was exposed to light, in the same way the shadow images of the victims of Hiroshima reflected on the city walls were exposed to intense light and left a imprint/image of that person behind.

      There are a few things here I am mistaken about. I am not convinced what is seen around the eyes are coins issued by Pilate. I am sure Barrie S. would say the same. The eyes look more like the image seen in an x ray of the human skull. Like in the image of the hands you can see the metacarpal bones, in the eyes we may be looking at the bones that recede back behind the eyes.

      When you wrap a 3-D object in myrrh resin it will harden and form that object, I know because I have done it. In less than 24 hours it hardens. Myrrh can be light reflective and glossy when it dries. (Depending on the quality of it) I know a researcher that used myrrh resin as a substitute for cellulose acetate and it does have photographic properties as I have explained. Not in theory but in a genuine demonstrated reality. This would explain how 3-D info is on the shroud, at one time; the cloth was in a 3-D form of Jesus. Somehow that got saved to the cloth, probably at the time it was exposed to the light/radiation source

      We need to take into the account this event took place almost 2000 years ago, how can anyone say with certainty that no chemical reaction took place to form the image?

      The word Paul of Tarsus uses in 2 Timothy 4:13 to describe the Shroud comes from the Latin word, pallium, which is also known as a mort cloth, also known as a Mantle, Mandya. It is not only a garment worn but used as a burial shroud.
      A pall (also called mort cloth) is a cloth, which covers a casket or coffin at funerals. The word comes from the Latin pallium (cloak),

      The mantle (also known by the Latin word pallium-meaning mantle, robe or cloak,

      Now read 2 Kings 2:13 Elijah wore a Mantle when he was taken into heaven, and it fell from him. They searched 3 days to find him after he “disappeared” but only His Mantle/Shroud was left behind, just like Jesus. As in all great events Jesus did, there is a preceding event. The Story of Elijah is the preceding event of Jesus rising from the dead and leaving behind “his mantle” the Shroud of Turin/Mandy lion/ Image of Edessa behind.

      This is why the Shroud was called “The Mandy lion” Mandy is Mandya/Mantle, Jesus is a lion from the tribe of Judah. The Lion is the King of The Jungle. Mandy lion could be translated as “Burial Cloth of a King” The King of the Jews, Jesus.

      Shroud of Turin should be changed back to it’s original name, The Mandy Lion. Calling it the Shroud of Turin is like changing the name of Led Zeppelin to “The Band of Britain”.

  1. Since there is a cloth-body distance relationship, the image obviously could not possibly have been made as claimed because it does not only appear where the body was in contact with the cloth. No doubt very interesting ideas.

    1. Well said Andy, there is also the issue in that no traces of myrrh or aloes have been found on the Shroud! Unlike such that was found on the Sudarium of Oviedo and on the blood to be more precise. The cloth body distance relationship is also a strong proponent to any gas diffusion or chemical reaction type formation, (keeping the high resolution of the image in mind).


      1. I have to say, this is a bit of bizarre video. Being the person that made it. There are a few things I would like to edit out. There is evidence presented here that would be inadmissible in court. On that basis I will have to remove the video and update it at a later time. I made a few errors in this presentation that need to be corrected, my apologies on that.

        However, It has been stated that no myrrh resin was found on the Shroud, yet what is listed in scientifically reviewed peer journals as what makes up the entire bio-plastic covering on the Shroud, including the image are 7 properties of myrrh resin?!
        Where there is NO image it is clear, where there IS image it has turned a caramel color.

        What I am saying is that the Image of Jesus reflected into the linen (separated from the cloth) and that part of the “bio plastic layer” turned a caramel color. Where there is no image it is still clear, because his image was NOT reflected in that part of the cloth.
        That makes sense because Arabian/Stacte Myrrh Resin is clear, transparent.
        Bottom Line: The intense light/radiation changed the color of myrrh where His image was reflected but stays transparent and clear where no image was reflected. It makes sense.

        So the Shroud image is not made up of myrrh resin, but the 7 properties that make up the Shroud image are made up of myrrh resin?!
        This does not make sense at all.
        (The article was called “The Sugar Coated Shroud Of Turin that listed the 7 properties) Just Google it.

        Can someone explain this?

        In Any Case The Shroud is Still Genuine even if my video appears not to be,
        May The Spirit of Good Cheer, Good Health and Good Fortune Be With You this Holiday Season.

    2. Dear Andy: I just wanted to say the description that is posted here for the video is not even what is on the channel. The description of this video is the Lord’s personal testimony from the Book Of Psalms, not what is listed above.
      Is The Lord’s Testimony From The Book Of Psalms a bunch of scrambled up facts as well? That is what I am accused of presenting in this video.

      As for the myrrh resin, my “scrambled facts” comes from Ray Rodgers scientific report he did in on the Shroud in Los Alamos before he died in 2005. I did not make up some B.S. story about myrrh resin on the shroud. Ray Rodgers listed 7 properties that make up the shroud image and the bio plastic covering. All 7 of them are a dead on match to myrrh resin and then I am informed how tests were done for myrrh and none were found.
      It is a huge contradiction. (Coincidence, 7 Is A Number Associated With God and His Work)

      What exactly did they test for in 1978? Myrrh has a lot of different chemical properties, bear in mind all the oils and other normally present properties would have evaporated and no longer be there after nearly 2000 years and would not be found in any test.
      The Cloth was also exposed to a light source we still cannot identify, we need to bear these facts in mind before we eliminate myrrh resin as the bio plastic covering. It is also a huge skeptic point “No evidence of the Biblically Recorded Spices”

      The scientific report describes all the sugars found in myrrh including gluceronic acid, and the the bacteria that produce acetic acid that was also found on the shroud. Of course myrrh resin also contains acetic acid. That also comes from a scientific chemical report. Before we are all convinced there is no myrrh resin on the cloth, please take a look at Ray Rodgers scientific paper. It is plainly written out.
      I AM NOT SAYING THE IMAGE IS A RESULT OF IMPRINT, it is part of the process not the whole explanation, the myrrh resin is what made the cloth light reflective. Enough to get a faint image to form under one hell of a short wave burst of light.

      If my facts are scrambled then the work Ray Rodgers did in Los Alamos was a pile of B.S. We all knew him to be a very serious, highly competent researcher & scientist.

      Where I am mistaken in this video is in regard to coins issued by Pilate on The Shroud.
      The challenge is from the 1933 photos these markings appear to be there, but on the images from Barry S taken in 1978 they do not appear to be there.
      If the coins are present they should appear in both photos, the 1933 photos and the 1978 photos. Why there is a discrepancy is unknown. I was not aware of this at the time of the video. I plan to correct it.

      Before I am written off as some kind of lunatic, bear in mind the conclusions I have reached match the scripture account and the scientific facts and forensic evidence in the case.

  2. Robert you wrote:

    “Where I am mistaken in this video is in regard to coins issued by Pilate on The Shroud.The challenge is from the 1933 photos these markings appear to be there, but on the images from Barry S taken in 1978 they do not appear to be there.
    If the coins are present they should appear in both photos, the 1933 photos and the 1978 photos. Why there is a discrepancy is unknown.”
    To get an/the answer to your question see “Coins on eyes issue again” on Dan’s blog, figure 7 and my comments…

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