imageArrogant flight attendant Dylan Walker perhaps devolving into stupid in Daily Kos:

It is, however, very useful for dating artifacts like the Shroud of Turin and the Dead Sea Scrolls, but not quite the right radiometric clock for dating something very old, like the earth or igneous rocks and the objects found near them.  Potassium-40 (the potassium-argon clock) is probably better suited for that. 

In speaking of assumptions, who, in this case, are the ones jumping to conclusions?  The people forming conclusions based on years of careful research, analysis, reason, logic and a certain thing called “evidence,” or the cranks that know the truth because they read it in the Bible?  Ah, yes, the Bible.  A collection of thousands of years-old allegories and fairy tales, passed on from person to person, tribe to tribe, for hundreds if not thousands of years, before they reached someone literate enough to write them down; translated and transliterated literally hundreds of times, to and from hundreds of languages

I agree with the first paragraph, assuming the work is done right. The second paragraph is idiotic. Dylan can’t distinguish differences in interpretation, I suspect.

Daily Kos: Evolving Into Stupid Part 2