imageSkeptics have long maintained that if there was an image on Jesus’ burial cloth, at least one of the Gospel writers would have mentioned it. Calvin was an early skeptic in this regard. He wrote:

How is it possible that those sacred historians, who carefully related all the miracles that took place at Christ’s death, should have omitted to mention one so remarkable as the likeness of the body of our Lord remaining on its wrapping sheet? This fact undoubtedly deserved to be recorded. St John, in his Gospel, relates even how St Peter, having entered the sepulchre, saw the linen clothes lying on one side, and the napkin that was about his head on the other; but he does not say that there was a miraculous impression of our Lord’s figure upon these clothes, and it is not to be imagined that he would have omitted to mention such a work of God if there had been any thing of this kind.

Stephen E. Jones addresses this subject very well.

Now comes along a fan of the 17th century Calvinist Francis Turretin (he calls himself TurretinFan and the drawing of him is from his Facebook page) to take us a bit farther down this way of thinking in Thoughts of Francis Turretin and Reformed Apologetics.

Unfortunately for shroud advocates, these [= early historical] claims are not very reliable. I happened to be reading the Venerable Bede’s, "On Holy Places," in "Bede: A Biblical Miscellany," trans. Foley and Holder. In that work, chapter IV is titled: "Concerning the Lord’s head-cloth and Another Great Shroud made by St. Mary." [ . . . ]

Adamnan’s and Bede’s silence regarding the Shroud of Turin [I guess it would have been the Shroud of Edessa or somewhere in the 7th and 8th centuries] at this point is fully expected by those of us who recognize that the Shroud of Turin is a later creation. Had such a shroud been known to exist in Bede’s time, he could hardly be expected not to discuss it at this point in his work. So, while silence cannot prove the non-existence of the shroud, it certainly suggests that the most prominent historian of the age was not aware of it.