imageChristopher Johnson in the Midwest Conservative Journal isn’t impressed:

According to de Wesselow, each supposed sighting of the risen Christ was actually a sighting of the Shroud. He’s convinced it was what sparked the rapid spread of Christianity, as it was taken from Jerusalem to Galilee, then to Damascus, where he believes Paul saw it and became a Christian.

Let’s see.  Some women decided Jesus was alive “in the spirit,” whatever that means, just because they saw his burial cloth.  Saul of Tarsus changed from arch-persecutor of Christians to arch-Christian who completely changed the world because somebody showed him a picture of the dead Christ.


That might just be the single dumbest idea in the history of…dumb stuff.  That whole concept is so stupid that it’s…stupider than stuff that you thought was really stupid before this.  It’s so unbelievably idiotic that…it’s really, really idiotic.