imageMUST READ: `I heard the Shroud image was made by a bas-relief metal sculpture heated’

This is my `fleshed out’ response to an anonymous comment on my post "Four proofs that the AD 1260-1390 radiocarbon date for the Shroud has to be wrong!: #2 The Vignon markings (3)." I have improved the poor English of the comment.

>I’m confused, I heard it was made by a bas-relief metal sculpture heated but I’m not sure could some one elaborate because I’m on the verge of accepting authenticity but the bas-relief theory seems somewhat credible.

Picture shamelessly copied from Stephen’s blog: A bas-relief `duplicate’ of the Shroud, by Paul-Eric Blanrue and Patrick Shepherd, "A false Shroud of Turin carried out in five minutes," Science et Vie, June 2005. Its gross inferiority to the Shroud face is obvious.