imageCentro Português de Sindonologia is very proud to announce the release of a new book about the Shroud of Turin written by Shroud researcher the medical doctor Dr. Antero de Frias Moreira who is also membership of the Portuguese Catholic Medical Association.

This book entitled «Sudário de Turim mortalha de Cristo ou fraude medieval?» ( in english Shroud of Turin, shroud of Christ or medieval hoax ?) comes from publisher «Editora Edium» and intends to be an unbiased and updated scientific approach of the main controversies namely the 1988 radiocarbon dating of the Shroud till most updated investigation works from Professor Raymond Rogers and Dr. Robert Villareal.

Skeptic image production theories namely the da Vinci theory and the recent Garlaschelli’s shroud are explained discussed and debunked so the reader understands why they are preposterous.

McCrone’s painting theory deserves a thorough analysis in a specific chapter so it can be dismissed once and for all.

The image and red stains on the Shroud are approached from a microscopic, chemical and physical point of view, and pollens, flower and coin images are discussed in a balanced way.

The basis for rational image formation theories are also presented and discussed.

The scientific trail is described from the stunning negative photographic findings of Secondo Pia in 1898 to the last image developments by Dr Soons and the Hologram of the Man of the Shroud and the amazing Dr. Ray Downing’s work.

Ancient crucifixion practices and forensic analysis of the image of the Man of the Shroud are not neglected.

On the historical trail the reader will be able to understand the basis for a connection of the «Edessa Cloth» with the Constantinople’s «shroud of Christ» and this one with the actual Shroud of Turin, and main historical episodes relative to the relic including a realistic telling of King Abgar legend.

Ancient jewish burial practices, ancient liturgical eastern rites, byzantine art and even the Holy Grail and their possible relationship to the Shroud of Turin are described in specific chapters.

The author provides the readers an impressive medical and scientific depiction of the «Way to the Cross of the Man of the Shroud» describing all the horrible sufferings endured by the man whose body was wrapped in that Shroud.

Al last readers are able to draw their own conclusions why and to whom belongs the image depicted on the Shroud of Turin and if it is the Shroud of Christ or a medieval hoax.

The information conveyed is backed by a huge amount of literary sources, websites, scientific and historic articles including skeptic ones references are included in the text.

The book will be released in Portugal next Easter. Would it be worth thinking of an English translation?

* * *

Would it be worth thinking about an English translation? I think so.