imageA reader writes:

Why isn’t Colin Berry in the Shroud Science Group? Would they not accept him because he is a skeptic?

I was thinking the same thing when Colin wrote:

So yes, if you know any scientists, then do please get them to look at the hemicellulose theory (which incidentally is not mine exclusively — you will see hints of it in the excellent Fanti etc al paper (2010) that I cited earlier).

Of course, several scientists actually read this blog. So some have at least heard of Colin’s hot statue “hemicellulose theory.” That includes members of the Shroud Science Group. And for the most part there has been little or no reaction other than some muted ‘been there, that’s been tried, won’t work’ variety.

To my way of thinking Colin should be in the group. It is as easy as nominating him. A brief CV would be helpful, but it is not necessary if a member recommends him. We need qualified, outspoken skeptics in the group.

As a matter of fact, why aren’t more people here in the group. SSG is missing out on some really good thinkers.