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Details, just in case you wanted to know

February 18, 2012

imageI changed out the widget for the top 3 most popular postings with something I call Keepers, which is manually maintained. For now it is the Home Page, Kelly’s posting and Akiane’s Jesus posting that runs all by itself and has 410 comments with new ones daily.

Colin Berry suggested that I add a most recent comments widget. I have; scroll down to see it.

When you comment for the first time, I must approve the comment. After that you should be able to comment at will and your comments should appear instantly. Sometimes that doesn’t work. There are things that you can do that cause the comment to be flagged, like using the phrase Rolex Watches or inserting three of four links. I don’t have control over this, so please be patient. I try to get to comments a few times per day.

If you use comments on a particular posting, they will appear. Emailed comments may never appear, particularly if I’m busy. But send emails anyway. I read all of them.

Special postings are always welcome. In addition to Kelly’s, I have carried special postings by John Jackson and Giulio Fanti.

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  1. February 18, 2012 at 7:09 am

    Thanks Dan. I do like that “Latest Comments” widget – it saves a lot of scrolling down, and trying to remember previous comments tallies.

    Folk here may be interested in one I posted earlier. It’s an attempt to explain some of those very peculiar features of the Shroud image, notably the 200nm thickness, the half-tone effect etc. It’s all to do with … seek and ye shall find…

    the answer lies in the h———–e

  2. ChrisFromDallas
    February 18, 2012 at 10:59 am

    Nicely done Dan. In the most recent comments, it may also be useful to give the first couple of words of the posting. This is used in a lot of blogs and is a nice feature for navigation, especially if there are a lot of comments.

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