imageWhat’s not to like, writes Joe Marino?

There are a ton of articles in which a writer refers in one way or another way–usually in less than reverent terms.  I got a kick out of line in article by Vancouver Sun about their hockey team.  The gist of the article is that Vancouver wants to trade for Rick Nash, the Columbus Blue Jacket’s best player, but there’s no way that Columbus would do it.  The line in the article is:

And get this: the Canucks are also getting a unicorn, the Shroud of Turin and the Ohio State marching band as part of a three-way deal. Or four-way.

I actually ran into Rick Nash one time in my grocery store, shortly after he had signed an 8 year, $64 million dollar extension to his contract.  So this line refers to a famous hockey player I’ve met, the Shroud, and the Ohio State University marching band.  What’s not to like?