Paulette writes:

I still say, as I said before, sciencebod, the author of science buzz, is out of his league. The explanations given for the results of his experiments are naïve. But that is for another time. Now, I wish to address a tasteless remark he made in his latest posting. Recall that when we criticized him he would throw a hissy fit and accuse us of insulting him. Well look at what he wrote in his blog:

Paolo di Lazzaro and ENEA colleagues please note. Put your uv excimer lasers away – or at any rate use them for the originally-intended project. Some might think you are doing for Italian science what your countryman Captain Schettino did for Mediterarranean cruises, going way off course, and ending up grounded on rocks.

The arrogant fool.

Three or four days ago, Paolo Di Lazzaro wrote to me:

Please convey my congratulation to the blogger nicknamed sciencebod, (I understood he/she is a sort of "scientist in the kitchen") because according with his/her many posts in your blog it seems he/she understood how the BI was formed. The only person in the world. Quite a noticeable result.

I didn’t post Paolo’s comment then because it didn’t seem necessary. It still isn’t but it does seem somewhat fitting.

And another reader writes:

While I may disagree that the image was formed by some form of light, Dr. DiLazzaro has nonetheless made a significant scientific contribution that will hopefully help us someday understand the image on the cloth. Sciencebod, on the other hand, is doing nothing more than making sandcastles and pretending they are real palaces. [He*] then kicks sand in Dr. DiLazzaro’s face by comparing him to the cruise ship captain who floundered on the rocks.  (*edited)