imageThere is a new book out as of yesterday, January 26th, according to the publisher. It seems to only be available in a number of e-formats like PDF and EPub and only from Smashword. The author is some group or something called Temple of Mysteries. The price is only $3.68 but it is only 10,803 words (think about 40 pages).

For centuries belief that the Shroud of Turin really bears the likeness of the crucified Jesus Christ had to be a matter of faith alone. Then in 1898 it was photographed for the first time, and suddenly the negative image revealed an astonishingly life-like wealth of detail of a tall bearded man horribly tortured with whip, nails and crown of thorns. Virtually overnight, the age-old faith of the pilgrims seemed to be vindicated. Surely this was the very image of Jesus?

Who is the Temple of Mysteries? Here is a quote from the home page:

Learn about the enigmatic Knights Templar and their devotion to Mary Magdalene. Why did Leonardo da Vinci revere her and was he responsible for faking the known Templar artefact, the Turin Shroud?

Discover the secrets of sacred sites such as Rennes-le-Château and why it is of interest to groups such as The Illuminati and The Priory of Sion.

Find out whether the Templar descendant Prince Henry St Clair (Sinclair) sailed across the Atlantic in 1398 to discover America long before Christopher Columbus and whether there is evidence of his voyage encoded in Rosslyn Chapel.

The real mystery is who are/is these guy(s) ?  It’s not the $3.68. Any takers?