imageHat tip to Joe Marino:  Peter Stanford, former editor of the Catholic Herald, has written one of the better articles about the shroud since the explosion of reporting taking place on the ENEA Report.

On its own, the shroud is never going to be enough to legitimise belief in the core tenet of Christianity — the Resurrection of Jesus. 

But nevertheless, it is a powerful focus for our thoughts on the subject — a symbol of the hopes of so many who embrace Christianity without any conclusive proof other than their own belief. 

And that, surely, is the point about religion — a point we are in danger of missing now that every belief and theory is judged to be worthless unless it can be put under a microscope by scientists and proved, irrefutably, to be true. 

Some things, some important things, just don’t fit into this rigid, logical model of the world.

Science, as the saga of the shroud epitomises, can never get to the bottom of faith.

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